A new Florida Panthers blog

Although the Florida Panthers play a sport, it sure as hell ain’t all fun and games. There aren’t nearly enough bright spots between the losses nor enough literature on this franchise to occupy my mind in my downtime, so I figured it was time for me to shed a little bit of light on the darkness springing from my heart game after game by making some solid contributions to the Florida Panthers universe.

Since this is my first blog post on here, let me get this outta the way and tell you a little bit about myself and how I’ve come to write about the Florida Panthers. The Florida Panthers managed to capture me during those precious formative years of my childhood. I became a die-hard Panthers fan in 1996 during their magical run to ruin when they were just four wins away from winning Lord Stanley’s Cup and lady luck left them for the enemy. I saw the spell of the rat become the curse of the rat before my very eyes when those Colorado hippies knocked the Panthers out of the playoffs as swiftly as Scott Mellanby’s hockey stick launched a thousand plastic raining-rats in South Florida.

Looking back now, I realize the pangs of that loss may have reverberated into my bones and spilled out into my life in ways I haven’t yet understood. Perhaps this blog may just be a repercussion of the pile of losses the Florida Panthers have pounded into my skull over the years. Maybe it’s serving as a coping mechanism because I’ve grown out of screaming into my pillow after the decade of irrelevance.

These days the bandwagon’s almost empty, but I’m still here cheering on all the mediocrity and mishaps that continue to haunt this franchise as they chase Lord Stanley’s cup from a far. Besides using this blog to get the words out of my head, I hope to provide the Florida Panthers organization and their fans with a loud voice of belligerency and senseless reason to combat the sounds of laughter booming from other NHL teams and their respective fan bases as they continue to joke and jeer about our fan base and our franchise after we beat them.

I guess that’s it for the first post. Cheers.

Here’s to another win after the sun sets in sunrise.


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